Book a Class

This page is for existing or past students.

If you are a new student, please Contact Us first so we can provide you with all the details đŸ™‚

Click on the BOOK A CLASS button. This will take you to a timetable page to begin.

Book a Class

The process is straightforward, but we have some instructions below to help.

Choose Classes

  • Search for the class that you would like to book. Select the class and then click ADD CLASS.
  • If you’re only booking one class, click CONTINUE TO ENROLLMENT.
  • If you’re booking multiple classes (for the same student and/or different students), click on ADD MORE CLASSES. Then click on CONTINUE TO ENROLLMENT once all have been selected. You will be able to allocate the students to their classes in a later section.
  • A page with our logo will pop up. Just click CONTINUE.

Enter Details

  • Enter the Customer Details (this is for the parent/carer – so will be your details). Please use the same details that you have previously registered with us.
  • Enter the Student Details. Please use the same details you have previously registered. Click SAVE
  • If you have more students to add, please add them. Remember to SAVE each student.
  • Click SAVE and then click NEXT once all students are entered.
  • If you have only one student, you can double check all the details and then SUBMIT.
  • If you have multiple students, you will need to assign the students to the classes that you originally selected. Then hit NEXT and finally SUBMIT on the last page.

We will link your submission to your existing account information and confirm the class booking on our end.

We will be in contact if we need any further information!

Book a Class