Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by our attendees.

Can I pay for classes casually?

No, classes are a termly commitment so must be paid in full from commencement date till the end of term.

Do I need to purchase a uniform?

There is no set uniform for classes but children should wear clothing that is easy to move about in. For Example:

Girls – Leotard & skirt, ballet tutu, fairy dress or favourite dress-up. Bare feet are fine to trial in but ballet shoes are recommended if you choose to enrol.
Boys – shorts or leggings with t-shirt/singlet top or a favourite dress-up. Bare feet are fine to trial in but ballet shoes are recommended if you choose to enrol.

What happens if I miss a class?

If your child misses a class due to illness/holiday or other event, a make-up class can be taken at an alternative venue during the term of the missed class. Please note that refunds cannot be given for missed classes. Please contact Butterfly Ballet as soon as possible to arrange.

Do classes follow school terms?

Yes, all classes follow the QLD school term timetable. Please refer to the Timetable page for details. Please note that some select classes may be running a restricted timetable from time to time.

How old does my child need to be before starting classes?

Please refer to the Programs page for more details on the age requirements for each class.

How can I make payment?

Payments can be made in two ways:
1 – Direct Deposit. Payment instructions are included on your Term Invoice.
2 – Credit Card via the Parent Portal or by following the link in your invoice email.

What if my child is sick or injured?

Please ensure open wounds are fully covered with a bandage or patch at all times. If your little one is unwell with a contagious illness, please do not bring them to class, even if you’re uncertain about whether it is contagious or not.
Please note: it is the parent/carer’s responsibility to tell the teacher if they know (or suspect) that their child has a contagious illness. It is essential that parents clearly communicate with our teachers so that we can ensure the well being of all students.

What happens if I’m going on holidays during the term & I need to miss some classes?

In this case you have two options. You can pay for the full term & organise with Butterfly Ballet to do make-up classes at an alternate venue to replace the missing classes, or you can take the term off.
We offer you the opportunity to do a make-up class at another location during the week of the missed class or at any stage during the term (excluding the final week.) Make-up classes must be attended within the same term and cannot be carried over to the following term. You must also organise your make-up lesson with Butterfly Ballet prior to class, to ensure there is availability in that class.

Are parents permitted to watch the class?

For ‘Tots’, ‘Kiddies’ & ‘Next Steps’ classes a parent/carer is not permitted to watch during the term, aside from:
The 1st Trial Lesson: In which one parent/carer must be present. Photo taking & filming is NOT permitted at the trial. Please note that only one parent/carer is to be in the class so as not to disrupt the class dynamic.

‘Watching Class’: For ‘Cherubs’ & ‘Mummy & Me’, ‘Tots’ & ‘Kiddies’ classes. On the final day of Term 1, 2 & 3 – family friends are absolutely welcome to sit in and view the class. Photos and filming IS absolutely permitted on this day. ‘Watching Class’ for ‘Next Steps’ students takes place in Term 2.

“Presentation Class”: For ‘Cherubs’ & ‘Mummy & Me’, ‘Tots’, ‘Kiddies’ & ‘Next Steps’ classes. This takes place on the final day of Term 4, in our regular venue at about the regular time. We keep the whole affair fun & relaxed – which means less stress and more happy children & parents! You will be charged an extra fee to attend the ‘Presentation Class’ which includes costume and admission for 4 guests. ‘Presentation Class’ is optional, so if you prefer, you can choose to skip the additional fee and simply pay for the Term 4 minus this class. Photos and filming IS absolutely permitted on this day.

For ‘Cherubs’ & ‘Mummy and Me’ classes, 1 parent/carer is fully responsible for assisting their child during the entirety of each lesson. No extra people in the class during the term please (aside from siblings/babies.) Photos and filming are NOT permitted during the term, aside from ‘Watching Class’ & ‘Presentation Class.’

What if Grandma & Grandpa are visiting from overseas/interstate and are unable to attend a ‘Watching Class’or ‘Presentation Class’ – can they watch a regular class?

Yes, of course! Exceptions can me made for special circumstances such as this – please organise this with Butterfly Ballet prior to the lesson.

My child is very shy & might not want to participate…

It is expected that most children may be clingy on their initial arrival. We try to accommodate each individual, by allowing them to do what they feel comfortable doing. They are welcome to come along and watch, or perhaps participate when they feel more at ease.

What if we start mid term?

You only get charged for the number of classes remaining in the term – including the trial class.