End Of Year Presentation Class

A special occasion designed especially for our young ballerinas!

Butterfly Ballet’s Presentation Class is a totally low-key performance that takes place in the child’s regular class at (approximately) their usual class time. It’s similar to our regular end of term Watching Classes, but we make it extra special and exciting! Students receive a beautiful costume for the class (to keep!) as well as a medal and admission for 4 guests.

A safe and familiar environment!

Rather than a big performance, on a high stage, with hundreds of children, in a big, unfamiliar theatre… our Presentation Classes take place in your regular venue alongside your regular teacher. Your child will be more confident in a familiar environment, where they will never leave your sight. The children will be only a few meters away from the parents at all times, so if they need a smile of encouragement or a hug – you are right there!

It only goes for 30-45 minutes!

It’s hard to keep the little ones happy and engaged for an extended time. And don’t forget about their even younger siblings who come along for support! That’s why we keep it short. Because there is only one class performing at a time, you will see you child for the ENTIRE time!

Value for money!

The Presentation Class is only $65. That’s all you will spend! You don’t have to buy tickets, pay for extra rehearsals, photos, expensive concert videos or drive across town to a theatre and then pay for parking. You get to KEEP a brand NEW costume and medal!

The focus is on YOUR child’s success and enjoyment!

  1. The Presentation Class performance usually takes place in your REGULAR venue. Your child is familiar with this environment.
  2. The class is done in front of a small audience.
  3. Our ‘Watching Classes’ (at the end of each term) have been getting your child used to performing in front of a small audience. We have been building towards the Presentation Class throughout the year!
  4. Mum and Dad will only be a few meters away at any time, just in case someone needs a smile of encouragement or a hug.
  5. Low stress. You haven’t paid hundreds of dollars and travelled into the city and fought for parking. The things that usually stress parents – this stress rubs off onto the children.
  6. Its short! There is only ONE class at a time. The audience doesn’t have to sit through hours of watching other people’s kids and your children don’t have to wait around to go on stage either.


When will my child’s Presentation Class class be held?

Presentation Classes will be held during the final lesson of the year. In 2019, all Presentation Classes are held from Saturday 7th December to Friday 13th December.


What is the Presentation Class fee?

The Presentation Fee is $65.

When is payment due for Presentation Class Fee?

The Presentation Fee is due with you Term 4 fees. You will notice it added to your Term 4 invoice.

How do I pay for Presentation Class?

Please pay the Presentation Class fee with your Term 4 fees, in the usual manner, by the due date.

We are unable or don’t want to attend the Presentation Class, do we still have to pay the Presentation Class Fee?

If you are sure that you do not want to (or are unable to), then please let us know as soon as possible – preferably before you receive your Term 4 Account which in most cases will be emailed out before commencement of the term – and  we will remove the Presentation Class fee from you Term 4 fees.

I initially said I wasn’t doing Presentation Class, but I have changed my mind. Can we still do it?

Yes – provided that we have spare costumes available.

What is included in the Presentation Fee?

The Presentation Class fee is all-inclusive.  You might like to purchase your child a nice new pair of tights and maybe ballet shoes – so they can look their best.

What if we miss Presentation Class for some reason?

If you have already paid for Presentation Class, the fee is not refundable but we will ensure your costume and medal is delivered to you in the post. Please note a fee may be charged to cover the postage expense.

What if my child won’t, or is unable to participate?

Apart from medical reasons, it is highly unlikely that your child will not want to participate. This is due to all of the efforts to build up slowly and have it as low-key (and low stress) as possible. If your child does not participate, they will still receive their costume and medal.


How do you know the costume will fit?

We purchase costumes in 5 different sizes. We select a style (and quality) of costume which achieves a good fit for children of varying sizes and shapes. Our teachers categorize each of their students so we can allocate costumes of different sizes. We supply extra costumes to allow for surprises. This has proved to be a very successful method for over 10,000 students.

When do we get the costume?

Your child will be given your costume when you arrive at the venue on Presentation Class day – all they need to do is put it on. The teacher will have spares just in case there are any issues with the size.

Do we get to keep the costume and medal?

Yes, you sure do!


How many people can we bring?

We allow for 4 audience members per student.

Does that include the adult for ‘Mummy & Me’ classes?

‘Mum’/’Dad’/’Carer’ in the ‘Mummy & Me’ class performances is considered a ‘performer’, so they would not count as an audience member.

What if I bring my baby along, does that count?

Very young children don’t count in the total if they will not take up a seat.

Why are only 4 people allowed?

We want to keep the audience small so as not to overwhelm our very young performers. We also want to keep the performance in our regular venue where possible for familiarity. We need to consider the size of our venues and the space available.

What if we need to bring more people?

In cases with extra people, please discuss it with the teacher. It will depend on the size of the class, size of the venue (some venues do have maximums which cannot be exceeded), and whether other people from the same class have also requested to bring along extra people. Also, remember that we don’t want a huge audience – the larger the audience the more overwhelming it will be for the little ones.

Do we need tickets to attend Presentation Class?

No one requires tickets to attend our Presentation Class classes.

What if we have more than one child in the class, can we bring more people along?

We allow for 4 audience members per student, so if you have 2 children participating in the performance then you can bring 8 people.


Can I take photos and/or video during the performance?

You are welcome to take whatever photos and video you like as long as it is used for non-commercial purposes only.

What if I don’t want people taking photos and/or video of my child?

In this case is would be best not to participate in Presentation Class.

Should we arrive early?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class start time so you can get your child into the costume. Remember that we will still be running classes consecutively, so when the teacher has finished with one class she will start giving you your costume. Please allow plenty of time to get there and to find parking.


What should my child wear to class on Presentation Class?

Children can arrive in their regular clothes.

What do we need to bring?

Ballet shoes, tights, camera (or iPads and phones). A new/clean pair of tights will look nice during the performance and in photos.

Do we have to have hair in a ballet bun?

For Presentation Class we encourage neat hair in a ballet bun, if possible.

Do we need to get new ballet shoes and tights?

Only if their current shoes and tights are a bit worse for wear! It’s totally up to you.