Mummy & Me (or Daddy & Me!)

Ages: 20months to 3½ yrs
Duration: 30 minutes
End of year event: Presentation Class

Kinderballet’s™ ‘Mummy and Me’ program is offered to younger children, aged between 20months and 3½ years. It gives Mum (or the primary care giver) an opportunity to join in and share their child’s experience.

  • The classes (in term 1 and 2) are not themed, however there is emphasis on use of props and imagery, songs and dancing to music, musical response through movement, basic movement co-ordination of gross motor skills and a minor introduction to a couple of ballet steps.
  • The environment is relaxed and friendly, with no set costuming and no obligation for little ones to continuously participate. The children are encouraged to participate, working closely with their primary care giver, giving them a sense of security and confidence.
  • The ‘Mummy and Me’ program will be an excellent foundation for the ‘Tots’ Kinderballet program if they choose to continue.
  • Each session is half an hour in duration and you would normally attend once a week.
  • Class sizes are limited to 11 children per class.
  • Class locations and times are available on our Timetable Page.
  • If you have younger ones to look-after (that are too young to participate), you are welcome to bring them along. We ask that siblings who are not enrolled remain seated and quiet when watching the class.
  • Some children are ready to try as early as 20 months.

Tots Ballet

Ages: ‘Tots’ 3½yrs to 5yrs, ‘Kiddies’ 4 to 5yrs
Duration: 45 minutes
End of year event: Presentation Class

The ‘Tots’ & ‘Kiddies’ programs by Kinderballet™ are for children who are ready to take instruction from a teacher and work independently of their parent. Children are introduced to the idea of working in a group under the guidance of a teacher. Each term follows the exciting adventures of Bella Bear & her friends. The program aims to present a ballet class in a way that will keep a small child’s interest by having fun and being imaginative.

The class offers:

  • Dancing to music
  • Use of props
  • Musical instruments
  • Basic movement co-ordination of gross motor skills
  • Basic introduction to some ballet steps
  • An introduction to concepts such as:
    • Group co-operation
    • Waiting ones turn
    • Following the leader
    • Working in partners
    • Working together as a group


The program revolves around a single theme which lasts for a term, allowing the child to become familiar with the routine of the class. This gives them that sense of security and helps to develop particular movement skills through repetition. There is a strong narrative that runs through all the themes to keep the children’s interest, while learning the foundations of dance and therefore, learning through the sense of play.

Class Structure

While there is a very strong theme and narrative which runs through the class, it is structured like a classical ballet class for young children. Each class is made up of particular elements which make up the basics of all dance classes. While it is important to us to give the children a fun and positive experience, we also feel strongly about teaching them the basics of dance. This differentiates us from activities where the goal is predominantly to entertain or just amuse children, sometimes with completely different class content each week.

Mini Dance

Ages: 3yrs to 5 yrs
Duration: 45 minutes
End of year event: Presentation

It is an active, lively class, ideal for those with boundless and full energy! A fun & upbeat introduction to the basic elements of dance to get your little guy or girl enjoying movement within a creative context. We incorporate foundational exercises from the International Dance Technique system of training into our Mini Jazz Classes to ensure that our youngest dancers are confidently prepared for a smooth transition into our Jazzy “Dance Fusion” classes when they are a bit older!

Mini Acrobatics

Ages: 3yrs to 5 yrs
Duration: 45 minutes
End of year event: Presentation

Students begin to learn the basics of handstands, cartwheels and bridges safely and with lots of fun! Think of it as gymnastics without all the equipment :)

Mini Tap

Ages: 3yrs to 5 yrs
Duration: 45 minutes
End of year event: Presentation

An exciting introduction to tap! A fun and energetic class for our youngest students which incorporates the use of props. As well as exploring musicality and rhythm exercises, students are introduced to a variety of basic Tap steps. They learn heel digs, directional balls of the feet, ball taps and delightful dance routines. Creatively delivered, this class is set to age appropriate popular music as well as some classic tap tunes!

Next Steps (Inspire Academy)

Ages: 5yrs to 6 yrs
Duration: 45 minutes
End of year event: Concert performance at HOTA
Fees: $19 per class (paid termly) + Concert Fees
School: Inspire Academy – Secondary School

These Kinderballet™ classes are charmingly themed and allow students to learn about some of the Great traditional ballets, such as The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Coppélia. Students develop classical ballet technique, learn a variety of ballet steps and the ways in which to execute them. Expressing stories through movement and encouraging an individual response to music & movement. Inspiring, challenging & fun! This superb Kinderballet accredited Program is the ideal foundation for our “Test” level ballet classes

Following on from the preschool Kinderballet™ programs, ‘Next Steps’ is developed to be an inspiring, challenging and fun approach to learning classical ballet.


  • Expressing stories through movement – experiencing and appreciating great traditional classical ballets. Inspires individual response to music and dancing.


  • Developing basic classical ballet technique and increasing the range of ballet steps and the ways in which to execute them.


  • The emphasis is still on your child’s enjoyment without neglecting the importance of laying solid foundations of dance tuition.

How to Trial a Class?

Depending on the age of your little one, we have two different trial processes. Click on the age group below to see how it works.

Our Cherubs and Mummy & Me trials start with a 3 Class Trial Pack. The cost for this is $54 which covers your first 3 classes. The reason for the 3 Trials is because children in this group are still very young and 3 classes allow them sufficient time to settle into the group and adjust to the program, without having to commit to the full term straight up. After booking a 3 Class Trial Pack, we will email you your invoice with payment options. If you decide to continue after the trial, you will be invoiced for the remainder of the term which is $18 per class. The classes are a termly commitment, or from the date of sign up to the end of the term.

There is no set uniform for classes, but children should wear comfortable clothing (such as leotard and skirt/tutu or favourite dress up). Bare feet are fine for the trial classes, but ballet shoes are recommended should you choose to continue on after that. It is not required that the parent/carer wear dance shoes, but gym shoes or bare feet are most suitable.

The parent/carer is responsible for assisting their child throughout each lesson. Siblings/babies are welcome to sit in and watch, but no extra people in the room during the term, please. There is a special day reserved for this – ‘Watching Class’ – which is held during the final lesson of Term 1, 2 & 3. On this occasion friends & family are invited to view the class & take photos. The final class of Term 4 is ‘Presentation Class‘.

For our Tots Ballet, Mini Dance, Mini Acrobatics & Mini Tap classes, the first class is a trial. If you decide to go ahead with enrolment, the cost per class is $21. The class fee for the trial is only charged if you decide to continue with the rest of the term, which is a termly commitment.

There is no set uniform for class but children should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move about in (such as leotard and skirt or leggings and t-shirt.) Bare feet are fine for the trial but ballet shoes are recommended should students choose to continue with the term.

The parent/carer is welcome to sit in the dance studio during the trial class.  During the term, we ask that the parent/carer wait in the nearby waiting area, outside the studio. For further details including our Watching and Presentation classes, please view our Class Policy.

What to Wear

Students can choose their own outfit for class. A t-shirt and leggings are fine if you haven’t had a chance to buy dance-wear yet.

For girls, we suggest a ballet leotard and little skirt or a comfortable tutu outfit for regular classes. These can be purchased from Kmart/Target/Best & Less or any GC dance-wear store. Pink or purple tend to be the popular colours but she is welcome to wear any colour she wishes!!!!

For boys, we suggest shorts or leggings with t-shirt/singlet top or a favourite dress-up.

Bare-feet are fine for the trial(s) but we ask that you purchase ballet shoes if you sign up to the term. Either socks or tights are suitable with the shoes. If you decide to purchase tights we suggest theatrical pink as the colour.

We can provide a list of dance-wear outlets should you wish to visit a store. Some people prefer to visit a store to get a proper fitting for ballet shoes.

Watching Policy

For all classes (excluding ‘Cherubs’ & ‘Mummy and Me’), during the term, the parent/carer of student is required to wait just outside the room in the waiting area. (Other than the first Trial Class where the parents/carer is welcome to sit in and watch).

For ‘Mummy & Me’, ‘Tots’ & ‘Kiddies’ classes, we hold a ‘Watching Class’ at the end of each term where parents, friends and family are invited to view the lesson. This is a special occasion where students are able to demonstrate what they have learnt during the term in front of an audience. Family/friends are welcome to take photos/video on this day.

For students enrolled in ‘Next Steps’, there is a watching class at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

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